Bike Tuning and Repair

bike repair eden ut


Inspection and Tune Up    $50.00
Shifting Adjust: lube chain, all derailleur pivots, cables and housing, and align rear derailleur hanger as needed.
Brake Adjust: front and rear brake systems.
Wheel Truing (lateral).
Torque all bolts and pivots, align stem, brake levers and saddle.

Major Tune Up    $90.00
Includes all of the above PLUS:
Bike wash.
Disc rotors alignment and pad surfacing.
Front and rear hub adjustment.
Bottom bracket and headset adjustment.

Peak Performance Tune Up    $150.00
Includes all of the above PLUS:
Drive train degrease.
Replacement of all drive train cables and housing.
Wheel Truing: lateral, radial, dishing and proper tensioning of spokes.
Frame polishing.
NOTE:  Includes one post tune up gear adjustment.

Mechanical Overall and Tune Up    $250.00
Includes all of the above PLUS:
Complete mechanical disassembly and frame inspection.
Complete overhaul of front and rear hubs, headset, and bottom bracket.
Brake bleed.
Complete frame detailing and polishing.
Professional assembly.
NOTE:  Includes one post tune up gear adjustment.

Common Repair Charges:

Professional assembly $175
Professional bike packaging $100
Shifting adjustment $15 per derailleur
Brake adjustment $10 per brake
Brake bleed $25 per brake
Hydraulic dropper bleed $25
Chain install $10
Cassette install $10
Headset install $15
Stem/Handlebar install $25*
Bar tape install $20
Bottom bracket install $25
Crank install $20
Tube/tire install $10
Tubeless sealant install $10
Wheel truing radial/lateral/dish $15 to $30
Wheel building $60 plus parts
Fork oil replacement $50 plus seals
Fork overhaul $85 plus parts
Rear shock air sleeve $35 plus seals
Fork install $25

* Cables and housing replacement will cost extra